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Stock Checker

Welcome to the VivaMK Stock Checker.

This is an Excel workbook that contains our current stock status for all live catalogues. Items are in order of item codes (SKU’s) for ease of use.

This report will be updated Monday Wednesday and Friday.

Last updated – Friday 5th July 14:15

Stock ReportĀ 

Across the bottom of the workbook, will be the title of each catalogue, click on the sheet to view the current stock status for that catalogue

Any items marked as

Red – NLA – are sold out and unfortunately will not be restocked in the current catalogue.

Yellow – No – are currently out of stock with more stock on its way. For any OOS item we will display an ETA as soon as we have one. If there is no date next to the item, we don’t currently have the date but we are looking to get you one as soon as possible.

White – Yes – are in stock and can be ordered.

If an item does not appear on this report, but is out of stock, it means it has gone out of stock since our last update, therefore the item will appear on the next stock update.