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Registration Information

Registration Information

Registration for VivaMK opens at Midday on the 25th June 2018. This is your ‘ground-floor opportunity’, to join the newest, most dynamic, UK based, MLM organisation in the country today. The ‘Peoples Business’ offering great products and a business opportunity to earn extra income. This is just a beginning. ‘Life just gets better’.


1.  Registration Process

a. It will be a standard form capturing essential details such as Name, address, and contact details, which must include a valid email address.

b. You will receive a welcome email asking you to upload proof of identity. This will be required to complete registration and will consist of uploading a document, plus proof of address (such as utility bill etc) for each named person on the account.

  1. Personal identification – which will be a copy of one of the following:
  • Driving licence
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Bankcard
  1. Address verification – which will be a copy of one of the following:
  • Utility bill, bank statement (dated within the last 3 months)
  • Council tax, mortgage statement, electoral register entry (for the current year)

2.  Upline/Sponsor Process

a. There will be a tick box which indicates whether you have a preferred upline/sponsor

b. Ticking the box will require you to enter the name of your preferred upline/sponsor, so that we can ensure you are in the right team.

c. If you don’t have a preferred upline/sponsor, please leave the box unticked.

d. Anyone that has not indicated a preferred upline/sponsor will be given a 10-day grace period to decide who they would like as a upline/sponsor.

e. If one isn’t chosen in the grace period, we will allocate you to an upline/sponsor.

3.  PIONEER Status

a. Anyone registering to join Viva MK between Midday 25th June 2018 and 11.59am on the 26th June 2018, will be awarded ‘Pioneer’ status. Identifying the distributor as a ‘founder member’ of the organisation.

b. Pioneer status will be officially activated once the distributor has placed an order of £50 or more, before the end of August 2018.

c. A ‘Pioneer’ of VivaMK will have an elite level of recognition within the business, including a prestige status at events and priority with any offerings from the company (such as potential share issuances in the future of the business).

d. A ‘Pioneer’ in order to maintain the status, must be ‘ACTIVE’ in the business as stated in the Terms & Conditions and remain registered as a VivaMK distributor.

e. Pioneer status remains valid at the discretion of the company.

4.  Distributor Identification Number

a. Following registration, you will be allocated a Distributor Identification Number (although we are a People business and number identities are not alongside the ethos of that), transactions using a D.I.N are easier to access and avoid duplicated names and spelling mistakes.

b. A Distributor Identification Number will also be used by future prospects joining your team.

c. The first D.I.N’s will be sent out soon after registration. During the launch period this may take a few days.

5.  Front-line Information

a. There will be a number of people front-line to the company. Some of the proposed people are not confirmed yet, however the following people are confirmed as front-line to VivaMK.


  • Lynn MacDonald
  • Debbie Gee & David White
  • Mike Day
  • Helen & Paul Allgood
  • Rosina Pocock
  • Debbie & Allan Dewar


Please Note: VivaMK reserves the right to refuse any request to register as a VivaMK distributor.