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VivaMK Q&A

UPDATED 13/11/18


How do I place an order?
You can place an order by logging in to 

You may also find these tutorial videos, produced by the wonderful Geoff Owen, useful. Please visit his YouTube for VivaMK using this link You will find 4 videos all of which will help with placing an order.

How can I search for a product in Quick Shop?

There is currently no search function on the quick shop, however, if you are using a desktop PC or laptop, please use CTRL + F to produce a search bar within the browser.

Why am I being charged Tax on my order at checkout?
When you add the item to your basket, it shows the item at agent price inclusive of VAT. When you go through to the checkout it shows the item exclusive of VAT and then shows the VAT as a total for all items ordered, bringing each item back to the original agent price. This is the same for shipping, it will display the shipping cost exclusive of VAT and then add the VAT back on to bring it back to the correct handling charge.

How do I add special instructions to my order?
Until we have a system update that will allow your special instructions please add the instructions using your DPD app.

How do I get my free catalogues after placing my first order?
It is an automatic process and the free catalogues will be added to your 1st (non direct dispatch) order.

Where can I find online specials?
Our online specials can be found on and they all carry 20% commission.

Why does my invoice have my sponsors name next to ‘sold by’?
Please disregard this, the sale and CV will be credited to your account.

How do I get free delivery?
Free delivery is available on all orders above £110 agent price..

What is the Christmas Delivery Schedule?

View Christmas Delivery Schedule and Warehouse / Office closing here


Active Rule 

Do I have to place an order to remain ACTIVE (live in the VivaMK business)?
Yes, all distributors must place any product order to any value at least ONCE within two months.

When does the ACTIVE rule start?
Distributors who have already joined VivaMK, will start the active rule from 1st November 2018 (period 3). Which means if we haven’t had an order of 1 CV or above by 31st December 2018 (period 4), the account will become inactive in January 2019 and subsequently be deleted from the system.

Can I place an order for catalogues (sales aids) and remain active?
No, orders must be for retail products (of any value) carrying CV

What happens if I don’t place an order within two months?
Your account will be closed and you will be required to re-join VivaMK. (if you want to return. Your original position will not be resurrected). As stated above this will happen from January 2019 for all existing distributors that have not placed any orders in November and December and for all new distributors that have started from the 1st November.

Sponsoring / New Starters 

Q. Does an applicant have to provide ID to become a VivaMK distributor?
A. No, all applicants will be created with an account without ID verification. All applicants will have access to an ordering site within 3-5 working days of joining and can place orders without ID. However to receive a starter kit or trading facility ID must be provided.

Where do I go for Sponsoring purposes?
Your new people will still use to register

I have a new starter and they are not showing on my genealogy?
Whilst migration of the systems happens, the new starter process is a little slower than we would have liked. The whole process can currently take 7-10 days to complete. Naturally this will speed up and we are not far from automatic registration. In the meantime, this is the process:

1.    Applicant goes to and fills in the registration form.
2.    The applicant will receive an email where they will need to provide ID through a secure portal.
3.    HQ will verify all new starters within 2 working days of receiving ID.
4.    A starter kit will be sent to the applicant within 2 working days of verification.
5.    Once an account has been verified and a starter kit sent, we will set up the applicant onto the new system. We will be doing 2 updates a week as these need to be sent to our development team.
6.    Once an account has been created, we will send an email to the new distributor with this new account details and password.
7.    The new starter will then appear on your back office.

Please keep in touch with your applicant in these early days and inform them on the timelines above.

NetWork Marketing Plan and CV

Will my personal sales be included in my Level 1 calculations if I achieve PREMIER or above, in the VivaMK Network Marketing Sales Plan?
Yes, your personal sales will be included in Level 1 calculations.​

How often are the sales and CV updated on the Data Viewer?
Every 3 hours.

Can I now track my CV values on orders within my business
Yes. Every product has a CV value attributed to it, enabling you to track & plan your business in coordination with the VivaMK Network Marketing Plan.

I can’t see a total of CV on my order invoice?

You will need to add all CVs manually per invoice but your current period total will show in your data viewer. The total CV for an individual order will show at time of placing an order.

Can you explain CV values?

Every product has a CV value. CV’s allow us to compensate for the differing margins on products (‘Margin’ being the cost price versus the selling price and therefore its profitability). Two products that retail for £15 can both have different CV values because their margins may differ. In a Network Marketing organisation, profitability has to be key in order to afford distributor commissions & bonuses.

How is CV Calculated?
CV is calculated on margin. The margin is the profitability between cost price and selling price, (the cost price has to take into consideration the overheads too). CV can vary hugely from product to product.

Here is a PDF of all CV values of every product currently on sale.

Currently, we either manufacture our own products or we buy from the U.K, in other words, we don’t currently source directly from the Far East. Although sourcing direct from abroad can be cheaper, it also has its vast complexities, such as;

  1. Delivery timescales – These are in excess of 10 weeks in most cases, hence when products are out of stock replenishment can take a while
  2. MOQ’s –  ‘Minimum Order Quantity’. Most products have huge minimum order quantities. At the inception of a new business this can be dangerous because if something doesn’t sell, it’s a financial burden.
  3. A huge Buying & Merchandising team –  that are predominantly responsible for sourcing abroad. We haven’t made this costly investment in order to try and control overheads as much as possible, particularly as we are a brand new company.

These reasons affect our margins and selling prices. As we grow, we will source from further afield and pass that saving onto you and your customers. The greater our margins are the greater the CV is.

I have done £300 in sales but I am not a VivaMK Star?
To achieve VivaMK Star status you need to achieve 100CV

What is the sales value showing on the back office?
This is the agent price (the price you pay to VivaMK) minus VAT.

Why doesn’t the back office show Retail Price?
This is currently under development

When will my Pioneer award/bonus be paid?
All achieved Pioneer bonuses will be paid by the closing date of the awards (dates stated in the Network Marketing Plan)

Is my commission payment generated from paid for sales?
Commission cannot be paid on money we haven’t received. Therefore in answer to the question, Commissions are ONLY calculated on products that have been paid for. Currently this is a manual process, therefore any unpaid sales are deducted in the following month.

How will CV from unpaid sales be deducted?
VivaMK will run a report on the 15th of each month (or closest working day to the 15th) and deduct any CV from each distributorship that has unsettled invoices from the previous month.

If a distributor settles the invoice will the CV be added back on?
On the final day of the period, any distributor who has had CV deducted but has subsequently now settled the invoice, the CV will be added back into the system.

Wallets / Trading Facility

Is my ‘Wallet’ system now active
Yes. All ‘Standard’ Distributors now have full use of their wallet system again. On logging in, please select ‘back office’, scroll to the bottom and select login to e-wallet. A new page will appear (this is temporary and will be improved upon). Hover over ‘My Account’ and select change pin. Enter the old pin as your last 4 digits of your account number begging with a 2. Then your new chosen 4 digit pin. This will be required when making payments via the wallet.

What’s the update on eWallets
The eWallets are fully functional now, you can top them up as required. If your order exceeds the £100 credit available (as a Standard Distributor), you can simply top-up the wallet using your credit/debit card to allocate funds for the extra amount. Simply select Wallet Purchase in the shop, add the product to your cart, enter the amount you want to top up by and proceed to checkout to make payment via card. This will instantly top up your wallet. The top-up button on the original site has been disabled today, so please use the new system.

What is my PIN for my wallet?
Your PIN is the last four digits of your new Distributor Identification Number (DIN). The new DIN begins with a 2 and is 6 digits long in total.

Where will I find my new DIN?
Your new DIN will appear once logged into at the top left-hand side of the screen.

How do I reset my pin?
To reset your pin, log into scroll to the bottom of the page and select Login to ewallet. The option to reset your PIN will show under ‘My Account’.

I have forgotten my PIN, how do I reset it?

You can reset your PIN under the profile section of your ewallet. Go to my back office, scroll to the bottom and select e-wallet login. Under your image on the right hand side, select I have forgotten my pin. You then get three options to choose. Select the middle option ”I do not remember my user name and PIN, but remember the email address I have specified during registration” This will then prompt you to enter your email and you will be sent an email with further instructions.

How do I pay my outstanding balance to VivaMK? (applicable to Standard accounts only)
This can be done by topping up your wallet to ensure your balance is at the original £100.00 Your invoice is payable within 14 days of invoice date.

I can’t pay using my card and my ewallet?

At the moment, you can only use one payment method. As a temporary solution, if you wish to make a split payment, please top up your wallet by the amount you’d like to pay by card and pay for the order against the wallet in full.


I am VAT registered in the UK, how do I claim VAT back from my VivaMK purchases

You will be provided with a VAT invoice for each order you make with VivaMK that will display our VAT number on. You will need to retain these invoices and visit to claim back the VAT paid on these items. 

Are there any plans for VivaMK to pay UK VAT registered distributor’s the VAT back directly?

VivaMK are required to pay VAT to HMRC on all goods sold. Therefore any UK VAT registered distributor will need to visit to claim back any VAT paid to VivaMK.

I’m VAT registered in the UK. How / when will you pay the VAT element of my commission payment?

Please send a copy of your VAT certificate to Each month you will need to send a monthly VAT invoice/receipt to reconcile our records. The VAT element of your commission will be paid at the same time as your commission payment providing all documents have been sent to VivaMK.

I live in the Channel Islands and we don’t pay VAT, will I be charged VAT for my VivaMK purchases?
Distributor’s registered in the Channel Islands will be charged at net price i.e. Agent Price excluding VAT.

I am VAT registered in the ROI, how do I claim VAT back from my VivaMK purchases?
ROI sales for VAT registered distributors will be classed as an EU sale. You will need to send in a copy of your VAT registration certificate to and you will be charged at the net price i.e. Agent Price excluding VAT.

I am registered in Ireland and the VAT is charged at 20%, not 23%?
VivaMK are currently registered in the UK and the UK tax rate is 20%. Once VivaMK becomes registered in ROI, the VAT rate will change to 23% for all ROI distributors.

Do all items have VAT included in the catalogue price?
All items, including business aids, will have VAT included in the selling price. This is the price the VivaMK distributor pays VivaMK for the product, not the catalogue price. The catalogue price is just a Recommended Resale Price and is not price fixed. The only item excluding VAT is Catalogues and Starter kits as these are a VAT exempt item.



When will I get my PIONEER pin & certificate

All VivaMK Pioneers/Founding-Members will start to receive their certificates and pins from Monday onwards. There’s over a thousand to send, so please be patient, they’re coming.

What is the bedding flyer? When are they available and can we order extra ones?
The VivaMK Christmas Bedding Flyer will be added to every (non direct-despatch) order (as of 3pm 22/10/18) in packs of 50.
There are a limited quantity 2000 packs (of 50). The commission rates on these products is ‘normal’ full commission (35% for Platinum Distributors and 25% for Standard). We have an excellent quantity of products but as they’re seasonal, everything including the flyers is still on a first-come-first-served basis. The flyers (at this moment in time), are not available for purchase.

When is the Next catalogue?

Many of you have asked for the timeline on the next available catalogue, well wait no more, there will be a brand new 2nd Edition Essentials catalogue arriving here and ready to go out week commencing 5 November, containing almost 200 products, it’ll freshen your offering and keep customers engaged.

What date is the New Beginnings showcase and where will it be held?
The ‘VivaMK New Beginnings Showcase’ will be held on Sunday 24th February 2019. More details will follow soon. If you can, please keep the date free. The location will be Birmingham.

Why does my partner not show on the genealogy?
Partner names will show when you first log in to your back office, an update to the geology is currently being developed.



Who owns VivaMK?

VivaMK is owned by three individuals. Michael Khatkar is the MD.

Is there any international ownership?

VivaMK is wholly under British ownership.

How many products will be in the range?

The VivaMK range will start small but will expand rapidly. We expect to have a range in the region of 1000 products by the end of 2019.

What will the VivaMK standard range consist of?

The standard range, the everyday products will be generally chemical based products and will ultimately be up to 200 core products, consisting of household, garden/outdoor, pet, auto and bike care products. This full range of 200 products will be available in early 2019.

Are your core products tested on animals?

Animal-based ingredients: None of our products contains animal based or animal-derived components or ingredients.

Animal testing: None of the products have been tested on animals. As a manufacturer, we have a strict policy against this practice. All components of the products comply with the EU anti-animal testing regulations.

What will the selling channels be?

VivaMK will be predominantly a catalogue placement operation, with an online offering coming soon. However, we will also make products available for social selling. (All sales will only be through the distributor network).

Can I sell VivaMK products on third-party sites, such as Amazon/eBay


Can I advertise using the VivaMK logo?

  • Yes



What’s in a Business Starter Kit?

50 of each available catalogue

50 x snap cat bags

100 x order forms

What is the cost of a Business Starter Kit?

There is no charge to join until the end of 2018.

When will I receive my Business Starter Kit?

Business Starter Kits will be dispatched within 3 workings day once the criteria is fulfilled (identification and address verification).

Will I receive address labels?

As every distributorship likes to operate differently, we will not be providing any catalogue labels. Each individual distributorship can source their own address stamps/labels to use for their VivaMK business.

Will I have access to a PDF catalogue/digital catalogue?



What are the handling charges?

Orders over £110/€132(agent price) – FREE

Orders below £110/€132(agent price) – £5.95/€7.14

Orders with less than 3 products will be charged at £3.95 / €6

Which courier are you using for delivery?

DPD for England, Wales, Scotland and Chanel Island and City Air Express for Ireland.

Where do we deliver to?

UK Mainland, Northern Ireland, ROI, Scottish Highlands, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Guernsey & Jersey.

What is the delivery schedule?

Order Day Delivery Day
Friday 15:01 – Monday 15:00 Wednesday
Monday 15:01 – Tuesday 15:00 Thursday
Tuesday 15:01 – Wednesday 15:00 Friday
Wednesday 15:01 – Thursday 15:00 Monday
Thursday 15:01 – Friday 15:00 Tuesday

Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scottish Highlands,

The Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Guernsey & Jersey

Order Day Delivery Day
Friday 15:01 – Monday 15:00 Thursday
Monday 15:01 – Tuesday 15:00 Friday
Tuesday 15:01 – Wednesday 15:00 Monday
Wednesday 15:01 – Thursday 15:00 Tuesday
Thursday 15:01 – Friday 15:00 Wednesday


Please see the below links for our returns policies

Returns Policy (Unwanted items)

Returns Policy (Faulty & leaking items)

Returns Form (Word) Returns Form (PDF)


Can I change my account plan from standard to platinum or platinum to standard?

Yes. Please bear in mind, ff you are changing from standard to platinum, your balance has to be clear before your account can be changed.

Can I be involved in other MLM businesses?

VivaMK is the People’s Business and does not restrict people from having multiple income streams – if they want them. Not all MLM organisations follow our People philosophy. If you are involved with another MLM, as well as VivaMK, please ensure you are not breaking their rules.

Will there be Photo ID cards provided?



What ID do they need to provide?

Personal identification – driving licence, passport, birth certificate or bank card

Address verification – utility bill, mortgage or bank statement, electoral entry registry, council tax bill.

Where is my ID stored and is it safe?

Your information and documents are stored on VivaMK’s secure internal systems. Once ID has been verified, they are deleted.

How will my data be used?

We will only use this information for your VivaMK business and will not share it with any third parties.

What format should the ID be in?

JPEG, PNG or PDF and no larger than 20mb.