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Register to Become a Distributor

Welcome to VivaMK – the newest, most dynamic UK based MLM organisation in the country today. Registration is your first step towards a business opportunity to earn an extra income, with up to 35% commission from day one. This is just the beginning… life just gets better.


 The VivaMK registration process has a total of 8 steps:


  1. Platinum or Standard Distributor:

    Your first decision when registering with VivaMK – Platinum or Standard?



    1. Personal Details:

      A standard data capture form to include essential details such as your name,  home address, contact number and valid email address.


    1. Sponsor/Upline:

      If you have a preferred sponsor, simply enter the name of that distributorship.


    1. Terms and conditions:

      You are required to read and agree to VivaMK’s terms and conditions.


    1. Delivery address:

      Required for the delivery of your Business Starter Kit


    1. Welcome email:

      Contains a link to upload a copy of photo ID for personal ID checks (e.g. passport/driving licence) and one form of address verification (e.g. bank statement, utility bill) for each person named on the distributorship. Without ID we are unable to send you a starter kit.


    1. Verification email:

      Once you have submitted the required documents for approval, VivaMK will verify your details. A confirmation email will follow with your Distributor Identity Number (D.I.N). (although we are a People business and number identities are not alongside the ethos of that), transactions using a D.I.N are easier to access and avoid duplicated names and spelling mistakes.


    1. Business Starter Kit

      Your pack will be sent upon ID verification.